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Frequently Asked Questions

Signing in

When you sign in for the first time, you will use your 19-digit debit card number and personal access code. After creating a unique user name and password in the new digital banking system, you will use those to sign in from then on.
Maximum 35 alphanumeric characters (A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9, and special characters) and your username cannot be your PAN (19-digit debit card number).
  • at least 10 characters minimum and up to 35 characters maximum
  • at least one upper case letter
  • at least one lower case letter
  • at least one number
  • special characters are optional
No, once you've chosen a username, you won't be able to change it.
No problem. You can sign in using your 19-digit debit card number in place of your username or you can contact us and we can assist with recovering your username.

In online banking go to My VCU, under Settings, click Password and follow the instructions.

In the mobile app, navigate to the menu “≡”, select Settings then tap Password and follow the instructions.

You must have a valid mobile phone number or email address on file to complete this action.

Click the Forgotten Password? link located on the online banking or mobile banking app sign in page and follow the instructions.

You must have a valid email address or mobile phone number on file to complete this action.

Both fingerprint and facial recognition will be available on the new mobile platform, if your mobile device supports it.
Enabling Touch ID for mobile banking will grant access and full mobile banking functionality to any person whose fingerprints are saved on your device. We strongly recommend against enabling Touch ID if anyone else has or might gain access to your device and its security password.
Yes, you always have the option to sign in with your username or 19-digit debit card number and password. Just tap “Cancel” when the app asks for your fingerprint.
We recommend that you enter the information manually to reduce the chances of accidentally pasting the incorrect information or selecting additional characters or spaces.
Yes. Password manager tools such as Dashlane work with Vision’s digital platform.

Vision Mobile App

The Vision Mobile App will be decommissioned and you will have to download the new Vision mobile app. Visit your app store to download the new Vision mobile app so you can bank anywhere, anytime.
No. But you can view and access Vision Credit Union digital banking on your tablet using your browser (e.g .Safari).

Two-factor authentication

One-time security codes provide an additional layer of protection that safeguards sensitive information and certain online banking activities. It’s a numeric security code (up to 7 digits) that you will receive via text message to your mobile phone or to your email address when you perform certain activities.  The code is time sensitive and valid only for a limited amount of time. Here are some examples of when one-time passcodes are used:

  • Register for online banking
  • First time you sign in to online banking
  • Add a new bill vendor
  • Update contact information
  • Change or reset your password
  • Transfer funds to other members
  • Add an Interac e-Transfer® recipient
First, check your spam or junk folder. If you don’t find it there, click resend the code on your confirmation screen to try it again.
If you have a mobile phone number on file with us the verification code will automatically send the code to your mobile phone number. If you choose to have the code sent to your email address, you will receive a second code. The second code sent is the one that you should use.


Alerts will not migrate over to the new digital banking system so yes, you will need to re-subscribe. There are also a few new options to choose from. Fortunately, alerts registration is quick and easy because you can simply select your mobile phone number or email address to receive your alerts.


Yes. You can set up shortcuts through the widget function on your mobile device by navigating to the menu "=", choosing Settings and tapping on Widgets. There you will be able to add up to three accounts you’d like to view. If you’re sharing this device, we recommend you turn off this option.

You can also add some of your favourite transactions as shortcuts in the widget, giving you an even quicker way to do your banking.


You can create favourite transactions to make repeat transfers to the people you regularly send money to. To do this, simply click the favourites icon after completing a transaction.

You can delete, rename or add a photo to your favourite transactions.

In online banking, select Accounts, under Accounts click Favourite transactions. You can also click the heart icon located at the top right corner on your main online banking page.

In mobile banking, navigate to your menu “≡”, select Accounts  and tap Favourite transactions. You can also view your favourites on your main mobile app page after you’ve signed in.

The following are a few examples of favourite transactions:

  • Transfers between your accounts (immediate, recurring, scheduled)
  • Member-to-member transfers (immediate, recurring, scheduled)
  • Transfers to loans (immediate, recurring, scheduled)
  • Bill payments (recurring)
  • Transfers to TFSA and RRSP savings accounts (immediate, recurring, scheduled)
  • Interac e-Transfers® (send or request money)


The process for setting up a member-to-member transfer is different in the new system so you will need to manually enter the other member’s 12-digit account number. You must also have a valid email address or mobile phone number on file to process the transfer.

TIP: Make your member-to-member transfer a favourite transaction. This way you won’t need to remember their 12-digit account number every time you want to transfer money to them.

Interac e-Transfers®

Open accounts

Any Interac e-Transfer that you have sent using the older system can still be accepted or declined by the person you sent them to. If you need to cancel an Interac e-Transfer you set up in the old system, please contact us to have the cancellation processed.
Recipients are notified by email or text message that they have received a payment within approximately 30 minutes from when the transfer was initiated.

Follow the steps below to resend an Interac e-Transfer notification:

  1. Sign in to Vision’s digital banking
  2. If you’re using online banking click Transfers & payments, under Interac e-Transfer select History. If you’re using the mobile banking app, navigate to your menu “=”, select Interac e-Transfers and tap History
  3. Click on the Pending transactions tab, choose the transfer you want to resend a notification for and click the Re-notify button or bell icon 
  4. You will receive a pop up “Did you want to re-notify the recipient of the requested transfer?” click Re-notify
Contact the sender and ask them for the answer. You can also have them resend the Interac e-Transfer with an answer you both know.
  1. Sign in
  2. Click Accounts and select Open account
  3. Choose Chequing or Savings and click Check the accounts
  4. Select the account type you want to open and click Open account
  5. Fill in the fields and click Continue
  6. Review the details and click Continue
Some products are not available online. If you see something on our website that isn't available in digital banking, please contact us.


You can view your eStatements for the past seven years.

Simply sign in to online or mobile banking and change your settings.

  1. Sign in to Vision’s digital banking
  2. If you’re using online banking click My Vision, under Settings, click Statement preferences. If you’re using the mobile banking app, navigate to your menu “=”, select Settings and tap Statement preferences

In each statement account section, you will see a button ("v" icon), followed by an "Account details" label. When you click on that button, a subsection will expand, displaying all the accounts that are merged with that primary account. We call that the statement account.

In the Paper Statement column, you can click the toggle button to turn paper statements "OFF" or "ON". If the toggle is in the "OFF" position, it will have no colour, meaning it is disabled and you will not receive paper statements. If the toggle is "ON", you will see that it is green, meaning that you will receive a paper statement.

  1. Sign in to Vision’s digital banking
  2. If you’re using online banking click Accounts, under Accounts select View eStatements. If you’re using the mobile banking app, navigate to your menu “=”, select Accounts and tap View eStatements
  3. Select the year and date of the statement you want to view

Other FAQs

Digital banking displays all accounts you have signing authority on. You can change the way your accounts display so that you see only the accounts you want to see.

In online banking, select Accounts, under Accounts click Customize accounts. In the “Visible” column, you can click the toggle button to make accounts visible or not. If the toggle is in the "OFF" position, it will have no colour, meaning it is disabled and that account won’t be visible. If the toggle is "ON", you will see that it is green, meaning that account is visible. Select which accounts you want to be able to see, then click Save.

Our secure messaging service allows you to communicate with us from within the online banking system and is only available after you have signed in. You may include account numbers and any other information that may help us better assist you with your questions. Please use the messages feature within online banking instead of sending personal information through unsecure email channels.

In online banking, navigate to My Vision and click Messages or you can click the envelope icon located at the top right corner on your main online banking page.

In mobile banking, you can navigate to messages by tapping on the envelope icon located at the top right corner on your main screen.

Note that our standard response time is 2-3 business days. If your query is urgent, please contact us.

Yes, you can download your account activity to the following software programs:

  • CSV*
  • PDF (PDF is the only program available with the mobile banking app)
  • Microsoft Money (OFX)
  • Quicken (QFX)
  • Sage 50 (OFX)
  • Xero (OFX)

The appropriate software must be loaded in your personal computer to access the downloaded content. Please refer to the Help section in those programs for assistance. You can also refer to the program support website for further information and assistance.

*CSV files are for spreadsheet programs.

Yes. All loan payments processed through digital banking are applied as principal payment only.

Although we do understand the impact that printed statements have on our planet, we also recognize there may be instances when printing your banking history may be necessary. Here’s how:

In online banking, go to Accounts and then View Transactions. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the print button at the bottom of the screen. You can also save a PDF of the transactions for future reference.

In mobile banking, navigate to the menu “≡”, select Accounts and then View Transactions. At the bottom of the screen, click Share. You then have the option to save to a PDF and print it from there.

You can also use the filter option to narrow down the transactions you would like to print.

Please print responsibly.

Business FAQs

Yes, you will need to re-create access for any of your existing delegates on the new online banking system before they can sign in. As was the case before, you can only set up delegates from a computer, not the mobile app.
Pending transactions will not be carried over to the new system. You will need to recreate pending transactions that were not acted on.
Business CRA payments will need to be set up again on the new digital platform.
The consolidation feature works a little bit differently with the new system and you won’t be able to view your consolidated memberships until you have completed a few steps. You will have to start by completing your initial sign in for each membership separately. Once you have completed the onboarding process for all of your memberships, you can then consolidate them as required. Once you have completed this step, you will be able to sign in once, and switch between any of your consolidated profiles as needed.
To consolidate a profile the member must be a signer on the business account. Delegates will have to sign in to each business membership.
You can set up as many delegates as you wish, there is no maximum number of delegates that can be set up.
If you have your membership set up as requiring two-signer approval for transactions like bill payments and Interac e-Transfers®, you can approve the transaction within digital banking.
  1. Sign in to digital banking
  2. From the menu, click Business Services, then Review Pending Transactions
Note: Transactions expire after seven days
One person who has signing authority for the accounts will create a username for the delegate when adding them to the membership. After this, a temporary password will be sent to the signer to enter into the system. Once the delegate is set up, they will use their new sign in information and they’ll be prompted to create their own unique password the first time they sign in.
The signer, or signers, on the business account, haven’t completed the setup process for the new digital banking experience. Once they finish getting set up, they can add you back as a delegate.
Yes, you can grant one of two permissions for each delegate on each business: read-only or initiator.
Delegates can initiate transactions, but not authorize or complete them. If the business account requires two approvals, the delegate can create a transaction, and then two signers will have to sign to approve it.
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