Board of Directors

At Vision Credit Union, we work hard every day to serve our members, to be vigilant stewards of our members’ resources and to live up to co-operative principles, all while making strategic decisions around our credit union’s growth and continued success.

None of this would be possible without the dedication and counsel of our Board of Directors.

The elected volunteers who serve on Vision’s board make a meaningful difference to our credit union. They combine sound financial decision-making with their dedication to co-operative principles to set a course for Vision Credit Union that benefits the people and places where we operate.

Meet the esteemed members of Vision Credit Union’s board:

Dean Huolt

Vice Chair

Dennis Baird


Reg Bouchard


Glenn Friesen

Board Chair

Dean Nelson


Ron Pilger


Yvonne Schell


Stuart Schramm


Allen Stefiuk


Doug Tremblay


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