Mortgage Rates

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Our Profit Share Effect

As a member of Vision Credit Union, you are not only a member, you're an owner!

Member-owners share in our profits and have a voice in our Credit Union.

* Profit share effect is only an estimate using historical 10-year average profit share allocations. The profit share effect is not guaranteed. The profit share effect rates are the potential rate of return you could realize after profit share.

Profit Share Historical Allocation

Year Allocation %**
2010 23.25%
2011 26.10%
2012 26.60%
2013 30.00%
2014 25.30%
2015 25.00%
2016 25.00%
2017 25.00%
2018 25.00%
2019 25.00%

** Rates and Conditions are subject to change without notice

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