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Over the last 69 years, Vision Credit Union has evolved from one branch in Camrose with assets of $178, serving 21 members, to eleven branches serving the Battle River region, with over 17,000 members, and $579 million in assets. On May 1, 2014, we officially merged with Caisse Horizon Credit Union, adding another six branches in Northern Alberta, and increasing our assets to over $1 billion, serving approximately 23,000 members. We changed our name to Vision Credit Union Ltd.

In September 2019, we acquired the Wetaskiwin branch of Encompass Credit Union. We now serve almost 25,000 members.

Vision Credit Union has grown with its members, and helps communities to grow and prosper as well. Our goal is to help you achieve your financial goals. We work hard every day to bring you quality products and services, innovative technology, commitment to community, and service with a smile!

How profit share works...

As a member-owner in 2019, your share of the profit was 25.0% back for every dollar of loan interest you paid in the last year. You were also paid an additional 25.0% for every dollar in interest income you received in the last year.

For example, if you had a $100,000 mortgage at 4% at Vision Credit Union, total loan interest in the 12-month fiscal year would be $4,000. This profit share payout at 25.0% means $1,000 would have been added to your common share account.

If you earned deposit interest during the year, you also benefitted with this payout. As an example, let's assume you earned $1,800 in interest during the year. Your common share account would grow by 25.0% of $1,800 - your reward would have been $450.

If you want to find out how you can join and then share in the profits of your credit union, stop by your local branch.


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