What is Lock'N'Block®?

With Lock’N’Block you can manage the use of your debit cards anytime, anywhere. Lock’N’Block makes it easier and faster for you to protect your accounts, as you will no longer have to wait until you can call or visit your branch to lock your debit card if it’s lost or stolen. You will have peace of mind knowing that you have greater control of your debit cards.

With Lock'N'Block® you can:

  • Lock or unlock your debit card: If your debit card is lost or stolen, you can completely lock your debit card and no transactions can be performed with that card.
  • Block or unblock your debit card for ATM transactions: You can block ATM transactions on your card and no ATM transactions can be performed using your card.
  • Block or unblock your debit card for POS purchases or refunds: You can block purchases or refunds and no transactions can be performed at Point of Sale terminals.
  • Block or unblock your debit card for International transactions: You can block international transactions on your card and no transactions outside of Canada can be performed using your card.
  • Add Nicknames to your debit cards: You can assign a nickname to your debit cards to help you identify which accounts each card accesses.

How do I Access Lock'N'Block®?

You can access Lock’N’Block through the mobile app, mobile web and a desktop computer. When you set up one of your cards with Lock’N’Block, the same information will be displayed across all three devices using the same user login.

How do I use Lock'N'Block®?

For help to get started using Lock’N’Block, you can watch the video below or ask the staff at your Vision Credit Union branch and they’d be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I manage debit cards that I hold with other financial institutions in Lock'N'Block? No. You can only manage debit cards from Vision Credit Union. There is a limit of two cards that will display in your online banking.
  2. Can I manage my credit cards in Lock'N'Block? No. You can only manage debits cards from Vision Credit Union.
  3. Will the system alert me when a suspicious transaction is attempting to go through so that I can block it in Lock’N’Block? No. Lock’N’Block is a proactive setting initiated by you in order to prevent transactions from going through before they happen, not afterwards. 

    If you notice any suspicious or unauthorized transactions going through your accounts, you should block your card and contact your branch as soon as possible.

    Lock’N’Block doesn’t generate any alerts. However, if you have set up alerts in your online banking for Withdrawals and ATM Inquiries, these might alert you to block your cards.

    You can use both the Lock’N’Bock and the Alerts features in online banking to maximize your account security. If you see any suspicious transactions, you should contact your branch as soon as possible.
  4. Is the lock/block immediate? Yes. For example, if you block your ATM transactions and immediately try to process an ATM Withdrawal, the transaction will decline.
  5. I have three debit cards. When I sign into MemberDirect, why do I only see two cards? Lock’N’Block only displays two debit cards (the two most recent cards issued). Unfortunately, you will not be able to manage the third debit card in MemberDirect Lock’N’Block. If the third debit card is lost/stolen/compromised, you will need to contact your branch. 
  6. I log into online banking with a Login ID that isn’t my debit card. Am I still able to block my debit card? Yes. Your debit cards will display for you to manage. 
  7. Do I need to still notify my branch when travelling outside of the country? Yes. Please notify your branch so they can set up a travel notification for you. 
  8. If I block my card because it is lost or stolen, do I still have to notify my branch? Yes. If you don’t find your card, you should notify your branch so the card can be closed and a replacement card can be issued. 
  9. Can I use Lock'N'Block with MemberDirect Small Business? Yes. Lock’N’Block is also available to signers of organizations who have MemberDirect Small Business agreements. However, Lock’N’Block is not available to delegates; therefore, the Lock’N’Block icon in the mobile app and the link in the desktop will not display when a delegate user logs into their online banking. 

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