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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IA?
IA is an online security feature that will be part of your MemberDirect (online banking) login process.  IA helps prevent unauthorized access to your accounts while reassuring you that you are at the genuine MemberDirect website.  IA has 3 components: an image, a phrase and 3 security questions.  After you enroll in IA, you will first enter your MemberCard number then verify that your image and phrase are the ones you selected.  If the items are yours, you are safe to enter your password and log in to MemberDirect.
What is the “Register this computer” checkbox for?
If you check the “Register this computer” checkbox, a permanent cookie is placed on your computer (browser) for identification purposes.  You will then not need to answer a security question each time you login after that.
Why do I need IA?
IA helps to ensure your information is secure, thus helping to protect you from identity theft and fraud.  IA is a great protector against phishing.  By using IA, it allows the online banking system to identify your computer and in turn lets you know you are on the actual MemberDirect site by showing you your IA image and phrase. This image and phrase are secret to you and the credit union.
How does IA work?
Once you enter your MemberCard number on a registered computer and click the Login button, your image will be displayed along with the caption.  This verifies that you are at the genuine MemberDirect website and you are safe to enter your Password and access your information.  If you are logging in from a different computer, a security question will be asked to verify your identity.  Once you provide the correct answer, your image and caption will display and you may enter your password.
How is IA more secure?
IA protects you from accidentally revealing your MemberCard number and password to a fake site.  In addition, if someone does somehow obtain your MemberCard number and password, they will still not be able to access your accounts because they are not at your registered computer.
Does my Login ID and password change now?
No. Your Login ID is still your MemberCard number and your password will not change when you enroll in IA.  The changes made to your online banking experience just include adding visual verification by you that the image and phrase we display to you are indeed the ones you have selected.  We also incorporate the added security of security questions to allow you to access online banking from more than one computer.  The login screens are a little different.  You will enter your MemberCard number first and then you will view your IA image and phrase.  If these 2 items are what you selected, then you may enter your password.  After clicking Login you will be logged into online banking.
What keeps someone from stealing my Image and Phrase?
MemberDirect will only show you your IA image and phrase if you login from your registered computer or after you have answered a security question correctly.  So, it is not possible for an unauthorized person to get access to your picture.  This would be the same case if you and another customer selected to use the same image.  Your image and phrase will not show up on their computer.  If you are at a different computer we will ask you a security question and will only show your IA image and phrase if it is answered correctly.  It is critical you remember your answers to the security questions.  This will help us identify that it is you trying to login from another computer.
Why do I also have to setup security questions?
Security questions help prevent unauthorized people from getting access to your online banking information.  That way, even if they've stolen your MemberCard number and IA image and phrase, they won't know the answers to your security questions.  It is critical you remember the answers to your security questions.  As always, we strongly suggest you do not write them down.  The questions will be secret to you.  Security questions will be presented to you and all you have to do is answer the ones you will remember easiest or the ones that only you will know.
When I enter my MemberCard number, it asks me a question instead of showing my image. Why?
This is to help verify that it's really you signing in. There are several reasons why you might be asked a security question. These security questions are meant to keep imposters out because only you know the answers to these questions.
Some reasons might be:
• You are logging in from a different computer
• You are logging in from a different browser
• Cookies are used to identify registered computers.  If you clear your cookies, you will have to re-register your computer
• You incorrectly typed your MemberCard number on the first attempt
If you are asked a security question, answer the question with the correct answer and you are shown your image.
Will you let me login to online banking from different computers?
Yes.  The purpose of IA is not to limit your online banking access.  It is to help you team up with Vision Credit Union to protect your financial information.  When you try to login to MemberDirect from a computer other than your registered one, MemberDirect will ask you a security question that will help identify you and allow you to view your IA image and phrase.  When you recognize your image and phrase you can then enter your password and proceed to online banking from a different computer.
How easy is IA to use?
IA is extremely simple to use.  You don't need to memorize anything new--just use the site as usual and look for your image and phrase at login.
I share my computer with someone who also uses online banking.  Will we both be allowed to use the same computer and login to online banking?
Yes.  You both can use the same computer to sign in to your individual MemberDirect accounts safely; you won't see each other's information.  There is no limit to how many people can sign in to MemberDirect from the same computer.  Just remember not to share your MemberCard number, image and phrase, or answers to your security questions.
How much does IA cost?
IA costs nothing. It is a free service.
Can I change my IA image, phrase and security questions?
Yes.  You can change your image and phrase or security questions anytime.  Simply login to MemberDirect and select Profile and Preferences from the menu for options to change your image, phrase or security questions.
Is IA the same thing as two-factor authentication I've been reading about?
Yes.  IA is MemberDirect's version of implementing two-factor authentication.  Two-factor authentication is defined as using two ways to identity a customer prior to them accessing online banking and secure financial data.  Two-factor authentication is verified by the following two items: 1. your IA image and phrase and 2. your MemberDirect password.
What is Phishing?
Recently there have been attempts by fraudsters to trick people into revealing their personal information such as passwords, by creating "fake" websites that look very much like the sites of legitimate financial institutions.  They send out random emails with links to these fake websites.  This phenomenon has been called Phishing, (pronounced "fishing").  To help you refrain from getting tricked by a Phisher, Vision Credit Union has a standard that we will never send you an email with instructions to click a link to access our website.  Therefore, if you receive an email appearing to come from Vision Credit Union asking you to click a link and enter your password, you can automatically assume this is a Phish and deem it fraudulent.  As always contact your branch to verify anything you are not sure about.
What is a Trojan (Horse) or Key Logger?
Some fraudsters have been putting programs on random computers in order to harvest your user ID and password information used to login to websites.  They collect this information and secretly transmit it to their own computers and attempt to login to your site.  These are called Trojans (short for Trojan Horse) or Key Loggers (for logging your keystrokes).
How does IA protect me from a Trojan (Horse) and Key Logger?
Once you have IA and have registered your computer, even if a fraudster steals your MemberCard number and password, his computer will not be registered and he will not be able to login as you; thus, IA protects your identity and your account.


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